New Drake Album “Scorpion”, Dropping In June

New Album “”, Dropping In June

A new album in June. It’s looking like 2018 is set to be the summer of , whether you like it or not. With “God’s Plan” and “Nice For What” dominating the charts, it would appear that his only competition is himself. Granted, the pair of singles have all but confirmed a album was imminent, and fans have been patiently awaiting any knowledge as to when the big day might be. Earlier this morning, teased a “hard” album introduction, leading fans to speculate on the sonic direction of his upcoming project. Granted, it’s not much to go off, but that didn’t stop the community at large from channeling their inner sleuth.

Now, has come through with some potentially massive news. The Toronto rapper has thrown up a pair of pictures on his Instagram, along with the caption “JUNE 2018.” To make it even more hype-inducing, he included a DVD emoji, which all but confirms an album. Moreover, one of the pictures finds the rapper in a “” jacket, a la Ryan Gosling from Drive. It’s interesting to note that “” is positioned somewhat like an album title, and it’s seeming likely that we’re looking at the official name of Drizzy’s upcoming project. Remember, the OVO rapper is indeed a Scorpio, and if there’s even been one to ascribe to the teachings of astrology, it’s .

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The second picture also features an iced out pendant, which features, as you might have already discerned, a . With that in mind, it’s likely that we have the official album title as well.

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Check out the pair of teasers below, and mark your calendars for June 2018. The album that we are waiting for will obviously be hot as his single has always been.

📀 JUNE 2018

A post shared by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

📀 JUNE 2018

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